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My Tour is a tour operator that leads you to discover the most authentic country and the unforgettable places in Italy. We have made the beauty, culture, traditions and history representable in each of our tours. Tourists from all around the globe have chosen to pass their holiday guided by our guide leaders.

We have more than 10 years operating in the tourism field, with a prior love and appreciation to our country, Italy. Our team guides in differents languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French and obviously Italian. My Tour guides you through unforgettable experiences tailored for you 365 days a year. We offer buses, van and minivan with every comfort. Thanks to a team of harmonious people, we count more than 90.000 satisfied customers every year . My Tour is committed to offering you every day with dedication and giving you the opportunity to have a perfect holiday. It is in this context that every day My Tour takes you to discover the wonders in our country and the most beautiful cities of Italy with their specialties. Tastings, cooking classes, bike tours, guided tours, vintage cars and motorcycles itineraries are part of our guides. So you, by choosing our guides will have the opportunity to discover the unseen and unsaid Italy.

Our tour operators have intimate knowledge of the country and with years of compiling itineraries and managing tours and exposing the best attractions and hidden spots that give tourists memorable experiences. We are committed to offer the best for the ones that trust us and have been choosing us over and over again. Our tours are well thought and planned so you won’t have to stress out before and during your holiday. We offer assistance to travelers that have unclear thoughts about our guides.

In an earlier period, My tour was a local operator located in the heart of the Chianti hills, between ancient villages and medieval fortresses, wide lands of vineyards and old towns. With dedication to our job, the hard work and passion to spread what we love, we are nowadays operating everywhere in Italy.

Thanks to our staff commitment, tourists from US, France, Spain, China, Brazil, Argentina and worldwide have been trusting us through all these years.

My tours operates everywhere in Italy!

Italy has much to offer to the ones that are looking for special adventures. It is a very romantic country filled with picturesque villages, countryside, lakes, and seaside getaways. Our tours range from the beautiful city of Venice on the water to a top seaside resort town on the island of Sicily. Italy's lakes offer charming villages, resorts, hiking trails, and a wealth of water activities. In southern Italy, we guide you to Amalfi Peninsula, Italy's most spectacular coastal scenery.

Our tours take you to explore the many beautiful, historic cities with great things to see and do. You won’t have to be concerned while being on holiday. Our tours are the easiest way to visit Italian cities and you won’t have to face driving and parking difficulties. Each city has its own character and attractions so use this guide to find the cities you want to visit.

If you are already planning a trip, you should definitely travel to Italy! Check out our blog to get some professional tips and decide what is the most proper tour for you, or contact us HERE if you need further help.


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