On tracks of Samnites in Molise

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Day Trips / On tracks of Samnites in Molise

Duration: 2 days
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  •  breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • night in twin rooms;
  • nature and walking guide;
  • insurance;
  • luggage transport and transfer during the two (2) days in Molise.

Full Description

2 days - Two days hiking through high Molise, a sub-Apennine mountain area bordering the southern Abruzzo (Sangro river valley). This side of Molise is characterized by natural mountain environments of high value, enriched by many archaeological samples of the Italian population of the Samnites, but not only.

First day From Vastogirardi to Capracotta. From the small and lovely village of Vastogirardi, with its fortified Angevin castle (13th century) and the church of San Nicola right next (15th century), we walk along the path leading to the Doric temple (4th century BC), on which we found as well the remains of a Medieval church, then we climb up to the Samnite walls of the fortified center of Monte Cavallerizzo. Afterwards, we climb up to Monte Capraro, with the chance to overlook the whole Molise and the mountains of southern Abruzzo (Majella, Monti della Meta and Marsican Mountains). Coming down from the mountain, we get to Capracotta, among paths, ski slopes, cultivated fields and pastures. Picnic. Dinner at restaurant. Night in B&B. Technical features of the journey Duration: 4/5 hours. Lenght of the trek: 14.5 km. Total difference in height (up): +934 metres. Total difference in height (down): -705 metres. Difficulty: challenging. Second day From Capracotta to Pescopennataro. Once visited the charming village of Capracotta, with its center full of palaces and churches, we go up to Monte Campo, a long-shaped mountain from which we can admire the view to the Adriatic Sea. Going down to the other side, we will first cross an amazing beech wood, then we will come across the hermitage of San Luca, carved into the rock and a place of solitary meditation since the Middle Ages. Afterwards, we come into contact with the Abeti Soprani wood, an extensive beech forest with large isolated units of huge white firs. This forest is a real rarity throughout the central Apennines. The spontaneous fir woods, in fact, are only recorded here, on Monti della Laga (Abruzzo) and in the high valley of River Trigno (Molise). Finally, we arrive at the quaint village of Pescopennataro, lying on some cliffs overlooking the valley of Sangro river. Technical features of the journey Duration: 4/5 hours. Lenght of the trek: 12.5 km. Total difference in height (up): +550 metres. Total difference in height (down): -712 metres. Difficulty: medium.
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Additional Information

Length of the itinerary: 27 km. Total height difference, uphill: +1484 metri. Total height difference, downhill: -1417 metri. Difficulty: challenging. Destination: from Vastogirardi to Pescopennataro. Typology: low-moderate mountain paths. Features: itinerant; cultural and historical; natural; food and wine. Accommodation: bed and breakfast. Where to eat: restaurant.

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